Unusual Ring Bearers

At Marry in Norfolk we conduct many weddings in this wonderful county of Norfolk, and it’s interesting to see the different methods of the rings being presented. Whether you’re marrying, holding a civil partnership or a celebration ceremony, imagine your big day with a touch of something a little special, and magical.

There are now many alternative ways of presenting the rings. Rings are seen as an outward sign of the couple’s commitment to each other and play a very special part in the ceremony.

One of the new trends for delivering rings, may well be one of the oldest! Imagine a barn owl elegantly and gracefully flying the rings along the aisle to the bride, groom, best man, flower girl, page boy, or whoever you would like to receive those precious rings!

Alternatively, family pets are also stealing the show – dogs are quite regularly carrying the rings attached to floral collars, ‘padding’ down the aisle – sometimes escorted, sometimes obediently on their own. It must be said some are better behaved than others!

Whatever you would like to be included why not speak to our ceremony team and they will guide you through your options.