What is the cost of your wedding?

The average figure for the cost of a UK wedding was put at a whopping £24,000 by Brides Magazine in 2015. It came to this number by breaking down how much its readers spent on various aspects of the big day and honeymoon to come up with an average cost. In 2016, this figure increased to just over £30,000.

There are some simple steps that you can take to make sure your day doesn’t get out of budget control…

First step is to sit down with your partner and or parents if they are going to make a contribution and work out the total that you can afford.

Then keep track of your spending by writing down estimated costs in a budget planner, reviewing regularly as you confirm with suppliers the actual costs – ensuring you stay on track.

To avoid going off on a wild spending spree – agree with your partner what is really important to you both and make sure that they are your priority – other less important things can either be ditched or less money spent on them. Remember it’s your day and you are in control!