We offer an online ceremony choices form that allows you to choose several key aspects of the ceremony including your vows, ring words and closing words. 

Before completing the online form you may find it useful to view a full copy of the ceremony script including the words said by the celebrant. This can be accessed here.

To view an example of the civil partnership choices click here

We recommend deciding on the following before you complete the form: (you have an hour to complete the form and we don't want you to be timed out before you hit send).

  • Have you chosen your witnesses?
  • Will either partner be given away?
  • Have you chosen your readings? Search for readings online or take a look at some of our suggested readings. If you do not include a reading of your own the registrar can deliver the default 'Paths and Journeys' reading.
  • Will music be played from a phone / cd player or will there be live musicians? You can have a song for entry, two for signing the register and one for exiting. 
  • Who will do the readings? Don’t worry if you can’t think of a family member or guest – our Registrar would be happy to do the reading(s) for you.
  • Did you want to write some of your own words? If so, we would recommend that you have them written and prepared.
  • Will you be exchanging rings/tokens? If so, who will have them?
  • If you nominate a pet to deliver the rings, who will be its handler on the day? (We are happy for pets to be involved in the ceremony but make sure you confirm this with your venue. Pets are not allowed in our ceremony suites including the Benefactors Room at Norwich Castle). 

If you have accessibility issues and cannot access the online choices please email ceremonyadmin@norfolk.gov.uk requesting a hard-copy to be sent to you. 

Please note that if your ceremony is taking place in one of our ceremony suites e.g. the Benefactors Room then you must bring your own music with you. 

Please read the preview page before you submit your choices. If you spot an error or have changed your mind about any of the wording you can go back to previous sections and make amendments. 

If you have already completed the online choices form and have changed your mind about a reading or a piece of music you will need to complete the choices amendment form at least two weeks before your ceremony. Click here to download the form.