Congratulations on your forthcoming ceremony. Download our helpful guide or read the steps below. 

  1. Contact your chosen venue to check dates and times. At this stage it is a good idea to be flexible and have at least two options for when you would like your ceremony.
  2. Book the ceremony. Before you can confirm the booking with the venue you must book the ceremony by completing our enquiry form. Please allow up to five days for the ceremony team to contact you to agree a date and time for the ceremony. Your booking will be made and you will need to pay a £100 reservation fee. 

    Any further changes/amendments to the booking beyond this point will incur a £30 administration fee. To change a ceremony booking complete our online form and a member of team will be in contact with you. There is no administration fee if you cancel your booking. 
  3. Give notice. When the venue and ceremony have been booked, you must give notice of marriage to the Registration Office in the district where you live. This is where you state formally that you intend to get married or enter a civil partnership.

    You must provide documentation to prove your name, address, age and freedom to marry. This can be done no earlier than 12 months and ideally no later than five months before the marriage / civil partnership.

    If you live in Norfolk click here to book your appointment online.
  4. Pay the fees. We will take your outstanding balance when you attend your notice of marriage appointment.

    If you live out of county we will phone you to take your outstanding fee when we have received confirmation that you have given notice at the registration office in your local area. 
  5. Plan your ceremony. Click here to complete the ceremony choices form. This allows you to personalise the ceremony by choosing the words you'd like to say and by adding music / readings. If you do not choose any choices your ceremony will be very short (approximately 15 minutes in total). By personalising the ceremony it will last 25-30 minutes. 

    Visit the Ceremony Choices page for more information. 

    If you are having a '2+2' ceremony (only the couple and two witnesses in one of our registration offices) a standard script will be delivered with no additional choices. Download the script here.
  6.  On the day. 
  • The Registrar will arrive 30-40 minutes before the ceremony and then interview both of you (separately if you wish) to check that the details for the registration are correct and to confirm arrangements for the ceremony such as who has the rings,  if anyone will be given away etc. 
  • After the ceremony the Registrar will make sure that you both carefully check through the marriage register / civil partnership schedule and then ask you and your two witnesses to sign. If you are having a duo ceremony then you will sign the register in the licensed room inside the venue. 
  • The Registrar will then set up a ‘mock signing’ to enable photographs to be taken. Your nominated photographer will be given time to take photos first and then your guests will be invited to take their own photos. 
  • After the photographs you will join the Registrar who will present you with your marriage certificate.
  • You and your partner will exit the ceremony room.

If you are looking for more information on what to expect from married life then visit The day long course costs £25 and covers a variety of topics to help prepare you for life together after your special day.